DNB (Decisions & Behaviors) Analytics has been established on 2017 to institutionalize of clinical, technical and academical research and development activities which has been facilitated since 2010.

Since been established DNB Analytics process and manage R&D projects to understand human decisions and behaviors with pyschometric, sociometric, econometric science by using AI and supported analyses, applications and scienctific researches

Company, also support theoretical research with applied activites such as fully complied,consented, notified and private data protected clinical reviews to create economical assets for diagnose issues and cure it

DNB Analytics Mission

From Understanding to Cure It

There are billions of people are suffering arround the world every day, because of mental anomalies which is either belong to them or their positive or negative colloborators inside of their life. As a metter of fact, DNB analytics has been structure itse main pillars to avoid this undesired circumstances of human being by understanding the basic motivation on descisons either moral fit or not and help human being more capable develope better attitude as behaviour of outcome the decision. DNB Analytics missions are so far from polytical beneficiary but too close to the human being welness.

DNB Analytics Vision

To Build Best of The Best

The main vision which motivate DNB Analytics to drive in to the solution is causality. DNB Analytics very knows that every problem contains its solution in an underlying form and its all enough to open that gate to find the cure with key made of the data-analytic. There fore, DNB analytics main objective is retrive the data as much as possiable to seek the cure in a concept of social relation data but not individual data.

Business Model

Simple And Effective Business Model

Our business model is very simple. Ideas are important so DNB brain storms on ideas and build r&d models with academical joint owners and research investor partnes to prototype it. When the prototype is success DNB establish a new enterprise with enterpreneur stakeholder, smart money and influancer of the topics by protecting the researchers rights. When the new company establish and the prototype has been productize, every thing is ready for profitable or non profitable market penetration.