DNB (Decisions & Behaviours) Analytics has been established as the need for institutionalisation of artificial intelligence studies, software technologies and clinical researches that are in operation since 2010.

We are a research and development company, carries out artifical intelligence (machine learning) supported analysis, practices and scientific studies with the help of techniques being used such as psychometrics, sociometry and statistics in order to understand decisions and behaviours since 2017.

Apart from analyzing, we also generate academic and commercial outcomes in psychiatry field.

DNB Analytics aims to develop high value products and generate organisations that introduce these products to the market by adding many eligible stakeholder and smart capital to its operations

DNB Analytics Mission

From Understanding to Cure It

DNB Analytics’ existence relies on scientific researches and strategies in order to:

  • Bring challenging and disruptive business ideas in to economical life,
  • Generate business models and provide macro services with the participation of intellectual and financial factors, engineering activities and other technology partners
  • Play the role of policy maker in specific areas, evaluation authority, organiser and catalyser to form commercialisation elements that overlap the business models and micro services.

DNB Analytics Vision

To Build Best of The Best

Our vision depends on `existence` as the existence is the starting point and the base of humanist (anthropocentric) system of values.

in this sense, to be able to verify existence definitions sustainably, we will react within the frame of some certain ethical and technical circumstances and develop behaviours and produce active forms verifying existence

Business Model

Simple And Effective Business Model

Our business model is very simple. Ideas are important so DNB brain storms on ideas and build R&D models with academical joint owners and research investor partnes to prototype it. When the prototype is success DNB establish a new enterprise with enterpreneur stakeholder, smart money and influancer of the topics by protecting the researchers rights. When the new company establish and the prototype has been productize, every thing is ready for profitable or non profitable market penetration.