DNB R&D Model

A multi joint holder research and development model

When the idea turns to the model by brainstorming, DNB Analytics R&D commitee determines the budget and research need to start the research. Meanwhile commitee seeks and offers suitable acadamical or financial parthners for the research and investment from verified DNB Academical/Financial Partners list or all arround the world and write down the project in both scienctific and marketing way.

According to the project, specific agreements and applications prosses to be covered between all partners, governers and beneficeries as DNB missioned to be guarantor, controller and processor of the research to make the study begins.

DNB Productize Model

Multi purpose site testings and standardize prototype to product for better market penetration

When the R&D concluded and prototype will be accured and responsed well to the alfa test. Dnb facilitate the prototype with a suitable partner in the field and starts the beta testing as a product. DNB Productinzing activity requires a site facilitator partner to interact under the agreement of non-disclosure and non-compative policies and full coor’dinated with DNB. In return facilitator gets enterprise life time service for free of charge and labeled its name in international academic journals and papers. However, the facilitator can not be requester about any kind of IP rights over the product and neither can join any platform like a congree, confrence, competion with out consent of DNB analytics nor DNB analytics doesnt has to consent any of this.

When the beta test of the product has been accomplished and all the paperwork is done, product is ready for market penetration over a company which targeting to be professionalize on it.

DNB Market Penetration Model

Persistancy and Work Hard to Create Market and Determine The Rules for Penetrate It

A stabil product requires stabile service to establish a stabil business. There DNB commercial exchange committee determines the business paradigm and doctrines for modeling the strategical business development of the product to sattle the executer corporation model as a dnb subsidary with an indipentant board, budget and different stakeholders or individual member of boards. Partners of R&D may join to the partnership or withdraw their rights to the cash or any assets for optional by DNB analytics according to their contribution agreement in the begging.

When the company will be sattled, business will be start immediately and business has to pay-off licence price to DNB analytics per service.