Artificial Intelligence for Decision and Behavior Analysis
Our algorithms analyzes human behaviours and psychology. So we can predict the interactions and behaviors of the individuals and the society.


DNB Analytics is developing products that can help humanity to  understand the interactions and behaviors of the individuals and society by combining the tools of computer science, artificial intelligence and clinical psychiatry. Our goal is to make a difference in the sector with the help of psychmetrics and solve the unsolved problems with the products that we have.


A research and development company, carries out artifical intelligence (machine learning) supported analysis, practices and scientific studies with the help of techniques being used such as psychometrics, sociometry and statistics in order to understand decisions and behaviours since 2017


DNB Analytics aims to develop high value products and generate organisations that introduce these products to the market by adding many eligible stakeholder and smart capital to its operations.


DNB Analytics’ existence relies on scientific researches and strategies in order to: Generate business models and provide macro services with the participation of intellectual and financial factors, engineering activities and other technology partners